About Us


Welcome to Beyond the Blueprint. As a clinician, you may be new to epigenetics and just starting to understand the complexities involved. 

Genetics is simply the framework, or what we like to call the blueprint.  It is a guideline for our health and how we combat or manifest disease.  Health and disease goes beyond genetics and we realize your patients are complex. Beyond the Blueprint seeks to alleviate both patient and practitioner confusion by helping to streamline consultations and approaches to genetic reports and make them clinically relevant and applicable. 

We are a team of physicians specializing in helping to make sense of epigenetic data by making it relevant to you and your patients.

Who are we?

Both Drs. Hollon and Lundberg found a passion in epigenetic expression due to the complexity of cases and patients they have had the opportunity to work with over the years.  Their interest in helping those with difficult illnesses and disease states has led them to a deeper level of understanding.  Over time they have investigated the frameworks of how nature and nurture coalesce into present and potential future health.   Years of research has assisted in their understanding of the interplay between nature and nurture, which has expanded their work where cases began to make more sense.  Various patterns emerged that have promoted additional quality of life and alleviation of symptoms in some of their most difficult cases. Due to this, many individuals and patients have sought their support.  In order to provide more access to this knowledge, Drs. Hollon and Lundberg currently serve as a resource to other practitioners in the region.  Their goal is to assist other practitioners on their most difficult cases in epigenetics.  They hope to share more insight not only with their local community but other practitioners and patients in the region through various courses they are offering.  They also provide consulting services for individual practitioners.  

Dr. Leah Hollon ND MPH

BTB_LH - 1Dr. Leah Hollon holds a BS in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and a Master in Public Health (MPH) from VCU School of Medicine.  She completed her ND degree and residency training at NCNM in Portland, OR.  She was an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy for three years, has been published in the use of alternative medicine in Central Appalachia and is an editor for the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE).  She is a co-owner of Richmond Natural Medicine and has lectured within the field of pharmacy for ASCP (American Society of Consulting Pharmacists), EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School), UNC, and Creighton Universities.  She has served as a board member and past President of the VAANP, as well as a past board member of the OANP.  Dr. Hollon presently serves as the residency site coordinator for the first accredited naturopathic residency site in Virginia.  Leah has a passion in educating the next generation of practitioners and helping those around her find their passion and healing.  Her goal is to empower those around her to live their ultimate potential through balancing science and taking ownership in their own health.

Dr. Katie Lundberg ND, L.Ac

BTB_KL - 1Dr. Katie Lundberg holds a BA degree in Psychology from Rollins College and  received her ND and Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAOM) degrees from Bastyr University. She completed a residency in Seattle focusing on women’s health and hormonal changes and practiced in Washington before her move to Richmond, Virginia.  She currently practices at Richmond Natural Medicine using both Eastern and Western therapies and sees patients with a variety of conditions including OCD and anxiety, trauma, fertility and menstrual complaints, autoimmune, cancer, and pain management.  She is also serving as residency faculty and is a member of the VAANP.